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Boiled egg filled with vegetables

Category: Breakfast, Egg and Dairy, Vegetables, Mayonnaise and dressing, Tomato Sauce and Ketchup

Eggs like you have never tried them, go ahead and cook them!

Preparation time 10 min.
Difficulty Low
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You can prepare this recipe with:

Ensalada de Verduras

ensalada de verduras See more

Mayonnaise with Lime Juice

mayonesa con jugo de limón See more

Puré de Tomate Sazonado

puré de tomate sazonado See more

Preparation time

1. Cut boiled eggs in halves. Carefully remove egg yolks trying not to break egg whites. Set aside egg whites.

2. Mix egg yolks with Ensalada de Verduras vegetable salad and chop. Place in a bowl and add Mayonesa [mayonnaise]. Mix again.

3. The sauce: Fry in hot oil the Italian parsley, epazote and Puré de Tomate [tomato puree].

4. Stuff egg whites with egg yolks mixture.

5. Serve stuffed eggs with sauce.

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