Our can

Quality, flavor and innovation

Biodegradable metal container. The safest in the world.

Our can La Costeña®
  • Easy With "easy open" lid . Forget the can openers.

  • Resistant The bumps or dents do not damage the food, as the interior varnish resists any impact even if the can becomes dented.

  • Without conservatives Our cans are subjected to drastic changes in pressure and temperature. This method allows us to preserve food for a long time with its nutrients.

  • With great taste Food maintains its flavor thanks to the internal covering that avoids any contact with the metal.

The food is packaged raw or semi-cooked and goes through a process of cooking and sterilization at 118 ° C. Afterwards, the containers are immediately cooled to 40 ° C to eliminate any bacteria.

The container works like a pressure cooker and allows our food to arrive in ideal conditions to all our consumers.