At La Costeña® we are committed to preserve the environment; hence, we use renewable resources responsibly, especially water. Additionally, we recycle and ensure optimum use of energy.

Waste Reduction

In the last year we recycled 30 cubic meters of dirty solvent, equivalent to 100% of the material we use for our processes.

Each year 520 tonnes of organic waste are used to improve our crops. This is equivalent to the garbage collected by 46 trucks.

Energy Saving

We save and produce electric energy through a cogeneration system.

We have replaced conventional lamps by LED lamps.

We have installed steam-heating water systems for showers, which has eliminated the consumption of gas for this service.

Air Care

We implemented natural gas saving systems in some production equipment, which has significantly reduced the emission of pollutants.

Water Care

We have two water treatment plants, which allow us to take advantage of this resource for different needs within the facilities, such as the irrigation of green areas and cooling systems.

We have also installed water saving systems within the production areas, in order to take the best advantage of this resource.